Third Party a Labour
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Third Party a Labour
Since industries are continually shifting, companies always need to be anticipating challenges so they can meet customer demands. In order to do so, supply chains need to be fully optimized, flexible and operate with complete visibility. As one of today’s leading 3PL Providers, Rellius helps your business be as capable as possible. Our services and solutions include inbound and outbound logistics and returns and cross-docking, brokerage, and more. No matter what size your industry is, we can assist you with any challenges you face.
What are 3PLs?
3PLs ( third-party logistics providers) are an essential player in the supply chain for many companies. The process works by putting in the order, and the 3PL is the one to fulfill the order. The process is uncomplicated, seamless, and valuable to customers. Also, a 3PL is a link for supply chains that outsource a portion or the entirety of a brand’s distribution and fulfillment solutions.
Finally, 3PLs receive new items from the manufacturer before the shipping stage. As well, they can manage retail distribution and any returns.
When are 3PLs necessary?
If you’re unsure whether a 3PL is necessary for your warehousing facility, consider the following:
Do you fulfill more than 10 to 20 orders each day?
If your answer is yes, then determine the costs of working with a 3PL and if it will improve your profit margin. Then, estimate any growth potential or opportunities you cannot currently pursue when outsourcing fulfillment.
Are you running low on expensive inventory storage space?
It’s essential to include storage costs when calculating expenses for fulfillment purposes. Be sure to make a comparison with your current prices with any estimates from 3PLs. After that, decide if bundling the costs with outsourcing will end up saving you more in the end.
Is your infrastructure able to meet demand?
If you anticipate that your order volume will keep increasing, you’ll want to estimate headcount and costs to meet demand. Then, make a comparison of the costs if you outsource fulfillment.
What 3PL providers are out there?
When it comes to 3PL providers, they generally will offer the following:
  • Full service
  • Warehousing and transportation
  • Distribution
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
When searching for a 3PL provider, be sure that they have full-service capabilities and specialties in one or two departments. If you’re looking at a larger firm, you can expect to find end-to-end solutions with seamless integration.
At Rellius, we’re experts in matching our clients with the ideal 3PL providers. If you require 3PL providers but don’t know where to begin, that’s where we come in — we can help find you the ideal provider that will meet the demands of your growing business.
To find out more about how we can help you with third-party labour, get in touch with us today, and we can speak to you about any of your questions or concerns. Give us a call at 416-202-6621, email us at, or fill out the contact form on our website, and we can navigate you through the 3PL process.