Consulting, Robotics & System Integration
Bringing your vision to life by creating quality warehouse implementation services.
At Rellius, we have years of experience working with robotic systems that utilize e-fulfillment services. We have a large number of operational robots installed to provide convenience for our customers.
Guarded Robotic Cells
Guarded robotic cells are a type of robotic that is compatible with high-volume and flexible automation. Many companies opt for this robotic solution because it handles complex production capabilities, and its tools allow for flexibility.
Collaborative Robotics
Collaborative robots are best used for high operator interactive and robotic processes that are challenging to guard. The advantages of collaborative robots include no guarding needed for low volume input. This area scanner assists in medium volume production and allows for various part types and high flexibility.
Vision Guided and Inspection Robots
Vision guided and inspection robots operate vision technologies to choose parts and assemblies that will take a robot to a location to undergo a specific operation. These operations may include pick-ups at a 3D area, on-the-fly locating, and more. These robots are also highly advantageous for their sorting and quality capabilities, highly variable part types, and simple configurations.
Robotic Palletizing
With our robotic palletizing services, you can palletize items like cartons, bundles, trays, and many other loads faster and safer. Plus, it will create lower costs than if you did so manually. With these solutions, you can produce high-efficiency work cells measured to your specifications needed.
Robotic Case Packaging
Our robotic case packaging is an excellent way to minimize your costs while enhancing your production process. That way, you can be faster and more accurate, while still limiting injuries during packing, but having the much-needed flexibility.
Robotic Picking Systems
Our robotic picking systems are quick and take care of all the challenging and nit-picky tasks that occur during the operational stage. These solutions make packaging and case fill much easier.
Why We Rely on Consulting, Robotics and System Integration
While some companies believe that robotics are too costly of an investment, we have extensive experience working with them and know that this isn’t the case. Even though this equipment does seem expensive, it has remained at the same price for the past decade, whereas other business costs have increased. With our robotic systems, you end up saving more because of efficiencies with packaging, assembly, palletizing, and other aspects.
At Rellius, we provide full-service robotic solutions for our trusted partners and clients. Since we have years of knowledge and experience, you’ll want to entrust us to connect you with high-productivity robotics and software so that your manufacturing operations can run smoothly.
If you think that robotics is an ideal choice for your warehousing needs, be sure to reach out to our team today. We can discuss how our robotics process works and whether it is a good fit for you. For more information, give us a call at 416-202-6621, email us at, or simply fill out the contact form on our website.

Design Advisement on Robotics Storage Systems

Rellius has spent years advising on design for Robotics Storage Systems to deliver efficient products to businesses in various industries.

Robotic Arm Package Handling

Automation and robotics have been proven to minimize costs during the production phase and create stability and consistency for package quality.

Scanning Systems

Digital scanning systems are an integral part of any warehousing business. These devices have the ability to capture and convert printed items into a digital format.


Streamlining warehouse operations can sometimes be challenging if you’re working in a small amount of space.