Bring your vision to life by creating quality warehouse implementation services
Offering critical design and execution needs for seamless projects
Our Services
Rellius provides quality and essential warehouse implementation services for our facility operator clients. As a result, efficiency increases along all sites.
At Rellius, we bridge together critical design and execution needs, creating stress-free projects for our customers. Our services include design consultation, technical integration, buildout, and retrofits.
Our 4Phase Method (Scope, Plan, Build, and Launch) is tailored to your needs, providing you with a system that minimizes operational costs. These important steps contribute significantly towards the success of a project.
Once each project is completed, a site audit is performed. This audit will evaluate where the benefits from this system are being maximized.
Apart from the thorough training prior to the implementation process, we also offer on-site support as the project launch occurs. We highly recommend undergoing this training to have all information and troubleshooting solutions easily available to you. This will ensure that you can handle new procedures and carry out daily routines effectively.
Delivering all projects on time and on budget
Countries Served
Our platform, which features on-demand warehousing and fulfillment technology, successfully serves more than 15 countries. This platform is powerful but is simple to use – all you need is our help to get your tools up and running.
43+ Million
Square Feet Delivered
Our warehousing network has delivered to 43+ million square feet and keeps you connected at all times. That means you can add services or capacity whenever you want while accessing our extensive on-demand network.
Operations Robots Inducted
We are proud to have over 246,000 operations robots inducted so that you can maximize your visibility and control in our warehousing network. This way, you can appeal to your customers with faster operations.
About Our Company

Operating for over 10 years

Delivered over 10 million sq ft projects to date

Committed to safety, quality, and success

Building a Bright Future for Companies at Various Stages of Development
Since we first established our business, Rellius has been dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service experience while working with an expert team to create innovative solutions for our customers. Rellius knows that our team’s most valuable aspect is our employees, and our teamwork has launched various businesses to reach the success they deserve.