Supply Chain Management
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Supply Chain Management
Successfully managing your supply chain is an integral component of your business. To maintain it properly, you’ll need to track every detail of the process, like getting products to your customers. It’s essential to store inventory before it gets distributed, so your warehouse must be operating at full capacity so that your supply chain can be as effective as possible. If you are in the process of searching for a warehouse, then our experts at Rellius have several suggestions that can help your business thrive.
Considering a Warehouse
If you are looking for a warehouse that will fulfill all your demands, it’s crucial to outline your needs first. Here are some ideas for the planning process:
  • Will you need loading bays?
  • Can you afford a workshop that has much more machinery and equipment?
  • Do you need it for storage only? Then you’ll have to prioritize shelving and accessibility.
  • Are you going to include office space? If so, then you’ll have to consider the plumbing requirements.
  • Will your inventory need the use of a forklift for containers and pallets, or can you manage with just using dollies?
Since this process can be quite complicated, it’s essential to work with a company like Rellius to guide you through the process and who knows what to look for in a warehousing solution. We work with some of the top designers who know how to use every part of a space and implement a layout that creates more fluid movement.
Managing Staff
Creating an inventory plan for your warehouse will also need to take into account your team. If you have a smaller operation, you may be able to carry out many tasks of your own or with your other employees. However, if you have a larger operation, you may need to consider hiring more on-site employees. At Rellius, we have a solid track record of matching qualified candidates to warehousing positions and managing your staff.
Implementing Safety Solutions
When you decide to operate a warehousing facility, you will be responsible for goods at a high value and to keep them secure. First, you’ll need to acquire insurance and security systems. Here are some factors to consider:
  • Fires (you will need to hire a fire safety consultant to ensure you comply with Canada’s safety regulations)
  • Floods
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Pest Control
Any of these hazards can potentially damage your inventory, so it’s important to put preventative measures into place.
Since you may be focused on other areas of your business and be overwhelmed by this process, Rellius can help. We have years of experience helping warehousing facilities best prepare themselves to operate successfully. We can take the stress out of the process for you and put you in touch with third-party providers to take your business to the next level.
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