5S Floor Taping
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5S Floor Taping
5S processes have the overall goal of making your warehousing facility more organized. As you are probably aware, an orderly work environment is much safer, boosts morale, reduces waste, and prevents accidents. However, some facilities may not know how they can get properly organized.
One way to do so is through 5S floor taping (also known as comprehensive floor markings). Floor markings are useful at affordably enhancing improvement strategies. Floor taping is visible, lasts long, and is not expensive – they have proven to be efficient in warehousing facilities while also keeping budgets on track.
The Five Pillars
5S processes, as you could have guessed, have 5 different pillars in their methodology. Here are the many purposes of each pillar and how they contribute successfully to any business:
This step is concerned with removing waste and unnecessary workplace items. It also makes sure that everything in the facility is ready for any tasks that come up.
Set in Order
The Set In Order step for floor markings determines the proper place for each thing in the work environment. That way, everything can be easily accessible.
The Shine pillar focuses on aspects of keeping things clean. Floor markings make repetitive cleaning tasks much more accessible and provide visuals for finding cleaning supplies when needed. They also offer guidelines for each area in a warehouse.
For the standardize pillar, the goal is quite straightforward: keep track of your progress from the previous pillars and make sure that your goals continue to match them, and that effort doesn’t get lost.
Sustain is arguably the most crucial pillar of the five. Its goal is to ensure that the progress you’ve currently made will continue to be maintained down the line.
Next Steps with Rellius
Now that you know the benefits of 5S floor tapings, you can take the next step and implement them as a warehousing solution. If you don’t know where to begin, leave it in the hands of a qualified team like Rellius. We have years of experience providing our clients with 5S floor tapings so that their business can thrive and remain relevant.
If you want to learn more about how we prioritize safety with our clients, get in touch with one of our team members today. We can guide you through the process and answer any inquiries you might have. Contact us at 416-202-6621, email us at demo@rellius.com, or fill out the contact form on our website.
With Rellius, get ready to have a more safe workspace for your employees and visitors.