Inspections and Repairs
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Inspections and Repairs
If you work in a warehouse, you know just how much storage systems can be worn down. To ensure that your warehousing processes are in tip-top shape, we provide regular safety inspections to protect your staff and any valuable products. We will even make sure your pallet racking systems are operating effectively, and provide any necessary recommendations for repairs.
Top-Notch Warehouse Rack Safety Inspections
At Rellius, we make sure your racking systems comply with the most recent standards. We also check that your racking passes the damage tolerances allowance and is initially installed correctly. We also provide documentation required by law so that you don’t have to worry about it. Finally, we offer inspections every year as a way to ensure you are operating in a secure environment.
At Rellius, our installers’ team has the experience to adjust, install, or modify any system for warehouse racks or shelving. We have committed to offering these services at a fair cost on par with other competitors in the Ontario area.
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